I’ve decided to post bi-weekly (Every two weeks) updates relating to the website from now on. For this update, I’ll just be posting things that have happened the past two weeks.

Here are the major updates to the website recently:

1.       Search bar

2.       Article posting

3.       Official Twitter account

4.       Testing of ads

5.       Disclaimer

6.       Privacy Policy

Search bar:

On March 6th, a search bar page was added to the website. This search bar was placed at the top of the website and searches through the entire website when queries are put into the search bar. Since there seemed to be a lack of documentation online for this specific type of website, I decided to write a tutorial on setting it.

Article Posting:

After some consideration, I decided that it will be best to post consistent articles on just two days of the week. Monday and Friday. While there may be some exceptions, the vast majority of articles on the website will be posted on those days.


On February 26th, a twitter account was made for the website. The twitter account is linked at the top of the website. Articles and updates to the website will be posted on twitter.

Testing of ads:

If you visited the website any time recently, you may have noticed some lag or unusual activity. That is likely because I was testing some ads. Please note that I currently don’t have any plans to place ads to my website and that I was merely conducting testing.


This past week, a disclaimer tab was added to the website which is located at the bottom of the website. While it may not be necessary to add it, I thought it best to add it to the website.

Privacy Policy:

The privacy policy has some overlap with the disclaimer but I decided to add it as its own section. Like the disclaimer, it is located at the bottom of the website besides the Disclaimer tab.

Articles (Since the start of March):

March 11th: Citrix Suffers Security Breach of its Internal Network

March 8th: Double 0-day exploit against Chrome and Windows 7

March 6th: Setting up a search page on Ghost blog

March 5th: Malware GandCrab has returned