Photo by Cédric Dhaenens on Unsplash

According to a report conducted by researchers from the research organization C4ADS, Russia is conducting a massive campaign in hijacking signals coming from Global Nagivation Satellite Systems (GNSS) which includes tech such as GPS.

What GNSS spoofing is that it’s a technique that sends false signals to a receiver. This receiver can be in the form of a GPS device used everyday in finding directions, airplanes, ships, and practically anything that requires satellite navigation.

The report found 9,883 cases of GNSS spoofing and evidence of 1,311 commercial ships being affected around Russia since February 2016. In addition, it is reported that other incidents have occurred outside Russian territory in areas such as Ukraine, Syria, and Crimea.

This creates an interesting scenario because it shows how cost efficient yet effective these methods can be. It remains to be seen how widespread these methods are but it can't be good. While the Russian government is the first to be reported using these techniques, other countries and private entities will soon also follow if they aren't already are.

More information can be found at zdnet and nakedsecurity