Photo by Bukohri Eso on Unsplash

According to a federal prosecutor on Monday,  Yujing Zhang, the Chinese woman arrested for attempting to enter Donald Trump's  Mar-a-Lago club in Florida is currently being uncooperative and at the time of her arrest, Secret Service caught her with a laptop, four cellphones, an external hard drive, and a USB drive.
After some investigation, Zhang's hotel room was found to contain five SIM cards, nine USB drives, a cellphone,  a signal detector that can be scanned to detect hidden cameras, and cash of more than $8,000.

In addition, it was found by Secret Service agents that the USB contained malware that instantly installs files. There are few varying reports but I think this tweet really shows what actually happened and how inept the agents are. This is Security 101. You don't stick random USB drives into your computer.

I'm curious on how the investigation continues. This action by the agents may have just made a criminal prosecution that much more difficult...
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