Malware made for extortion is a common occurrence but its dangerous potential is enough to make one weary. Over the years, there have been many ransomware attacks, one infamously known as GandCrab. It's most infamously known for sending waves of attacks against unsuspecting users infecting them with ransomware or sending messages blackmailing users last year.

From what is being reported, the ransomware is back. It appears that the makers of the malware are back to keep their hold of the market, which is according to a spokesperson from Bitdefender to zdnet hold about "40% of the ransomware market". As is the pattern with the attackers, they have been busy creating variations of their tool.

According to Kaspersky labs, a newer variation is in the form of a javascript file compressed into a zip file that is contained in emails with titles of love and romantic connotation to them. This type of email is used to entice users while also attempting to lower alertness and thinking. If the user is convinced to execute the file, a message appears explaining that their computer is ransomed, and a sum of money must be paid to decrypt their computer.

News such as this serves as a good reminder to always remain vigilant online. Don't click emails or execute files if you are not absolutely sure where they originated from. Making mistakes when it comes to this can be costly and if something that you see online sounds too good to be true, there is a good chance that it is.