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Belarc Advisor

This is a simple tool that you download to get a detailed analysis of your computer. It looks through your hardware and software and security/protection then it outputs the results on your browser. The details it provides is very detailed. It analyzes pretty much every component of the computer then gives a note on each component.  In addition, you can go into specific details in terms of security and updates and find out what updates are being used and what updates and hotfixes are missing. It then outputs the host security score and additional details.

Belarc 1
Belarc 2

Note: There is also a summary of missing security updates, software licenses, software versions and usage, and updates installed which I decided to redact for security reasons.

I really liked how this program was built. The program itself is light and quick to use and only uses a browser which helps keep things simple and organized. It doesn't require me to open up new windows that takes up space on my desktop.

The only complaints I have is that it requires a download. Usually when using a browser, you would think that you won't have to download anything. On the flip side, it is an advantage as it doesn't send any information about your system outside your computer.


HWiNFO is a windows hardware analyzer that provides in depth details of your hardware, computer health, and alerts.

When first executing the program, there are three windows that pop up. A computer overview, a CPU, and a system summary window.

Starting with the computer overview window, you see a general overview of the computer along with each major physical component of the computer listed. From the central processor down to the battery with in-depth details on each component. Details for each component may include the number of that component, the temperature, the version, model, drivers, and any supporting components. It provides all the information needed to understand your computer.


In the system summary window, it provides a centralized window to get a view of all the critical components of the computer and how they are performing. It especially focuses on the CPU.


In the CPU window, it supports the other windows by listing all your CPU cores and their clockrate.


Overall, it’s a good program. It is simple to use and provides a variety of options useful for if you’re modifying the hardware. In addition, it lets you to save a report and the windows summary is very useful for a quick overview of the system.

The only complaints I have is that three windows are opened when using the program which can clutter the monitor. In addition, it only provides details mainly on the hardware when there is more information that it can possibly retrieve. Overall, it is a good program for windows analysis.


Speccy is a hardware analyzer. It is quick, light, and has a clean and simple interface that really makes it easy to navigate.

In its analysis, it includes a summary with a section on various main hardware components of your computer on the side that you can select for a more in-depth analysis. In addition, all the details are live. You can view how each of your components are doing in addition to the heat they are generating.


Out of all the hardware analyzers I’ve tried, I really like Speccy the most. It is quick and easy to use and includes most of everything the other tools include in their analysis without going over the top. In addition, it is developed by Piriform, the company that has developed other useful tools such as CCleaner so it is likely that Speccy will be continuously supported and updated upon.