What is going on

This will be a shorter posting but I thought to create this post because of how big of news it is.

Google's Public DNS, the largest public DNS recursive resolver ( and that it allows anyone to use is now supporting DNS-over-TLS. Yesterday, on January 9th, Google announced in their security blog that they are updating their service to include more security. They implemented TLS with recommendations from RFC 7766 that allows the usage for TLS 1.3. To put it simply, it increases the speed and security of connections. For more information, a quick definition of what TLS 1.3 is shown in Wikipedia.

The reason this is such big news is that a lot of us in the technology industry use Google's Public DNS for testing and for other purposes due to how reliable and convenient it is to use. With this switch to TLS 1.3, it goes as another example on how the technology industry is putting more attention to security and why it is so important.